I love packaging

I love nice and thoughtful packaging. I once ordered something online and when it came through the post I was surprised. It was wrapped up carefully in tissue paper, didn't smell and they had written by hand on the invoice 'Thank you'. Just by writing it by hand instead of printing it made such a difference, I felt like that person really cared about what they did which made me happy.

Another example, but this time of bad packaging. I was mad when an order came through the post in a thin envelope that was completely ripped to shreds and my stuff was literally falling out the side. How nothing was missing I have no idea. To make it worse it stank of cigarettes, also the invoice was screwed up in a ball and thrown in. There is no way I would ever buy from this person again.  

Anyway, I carved a lino sheet for block printing from a tree I had sketched. I printed up loads of letters in my excitement. These envelopes are going to go in each order. I've only just started block printing, and its so much fun. I'll have to think of more things to print onto.