Do you smell gas?

Messy table, originally uploaded by Roxy_l.

When I wasn't making a mess of my studio or making a new 2 hour music playlist, I was trying to eat. Normal. So when I went to dig a cheese pizza out of the freezer for my lunch, I could smell gas. Second time it had happened, but no one else could smell it the first time or the second time.

When the gas people turned up, I started hoping in my head for a gas leak. I could imagine all the mocking to come from my family if there wasn't, and I had kicked up a fuss and caused others to panic. It wasn't looking good though when the gas people couldn't really smell anything either. Time to switch off the supply and run some tests.

Next thing I hear that the gas pipe is corroded and there was a slight leak. Not much, but they told me I was right. That makes up for the "No I don't smell gas, Roxanne does", and the sympathetic 'I believe you' looks.

New memo board

[I made this from an Ikea picture frame, so that I could have a reusable calender and have a clock too.]