Exciting stuff

Thames view of Westminster, originally uploaded by Roxy_l.

So yesterday I uploaded some stuffed owls onto Etsy and today I uploaded some purses. I've got a few more things to come, and a lot more sewing to do. I really need to sort out my studio and organise it again. Just keeps getting messy again, and also find the courage to finish off some projects. Maybe I'll put some pics of the mess and coming projects.


I recently went picture taking crazy in London, usually I'll just look at something and think that will make a good photo. I'm going to start carrying a camera with me, I want to get a Diana F+ mini. They look so cute, and they're really light.


I'm going to do a bit more work now, eat and then get ready to go to the cinema. I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Oh I'm so excited, I might stretch to popcorn as well. hehe. Also I'm sure it's going to be lovely and dark, I like Tim Burton's style and I love Johnny Depp.

Eggie wrapped up

Awww look at little Eggie wrapped up, she doesn't like the cold.