I must be sad

My trees, originally uploaded by Roxy_l.

Last week I bought a load of supplies, and I got myself loads of new pens to sketch with. Amongst all of this I bought my first Sharpie pen, I saw the adverts flash in front of my eyes. I'll admit I got swept away by the advertising running through my mind, I went ahead and got one. Only one, don't want to go too crazy.

I did feel a little bit of shame afterwards. I was charmed. It was just a marker pen, why was I so excited? I normally always love to show my sister my new goodies, but I was hesitant about the new marker. I thought she's going to mock me about this.
Ah my delight when she saw it and sat bolt upright, then exclaimed "A Sharpie! I love them!". Guilt gone, happiness back.

Now I don't normally sketch with markers, yesterday I made an exception. I looked down at the lovely pen; "What twin tip! You're a marker and a fineliner! You are my new love, I will carry you everywhere!". Do I want more? Yes.

Girl idea
[These are some sketches I did yesterday, and ideas I'm working on.]