New hat for Louise

New hat, originally uploaded by Roxy_l.

My lovely friend Louise wanted me to make her a hat after she saw my pixie style hat. I wanted to do it properly and decided to use a pattern.
Turns out I can't read, well the patterns at least. No idea what they're saying, so I kind of made it up as I went.

New hat - other side

It turned out well, not perfect but it was the first time I was making a proper hat and I had no idea what I was doing. I thought, if this can fit a head it will be great.

New hat - side

It wasn't easy though, I had to use around 4-5 double ended needles and they seemed to hate me. They would not do what I wanted, I used elastic bands in the end so I wouldn't drop anymore stitches.

New hat for Louise

I'm going to try to learn how knitting patterns work, they mean nothing to me at the moment. Then I can make bigger and better things. Anyway for now Louise's package is all wrapped up and ready to be posted.