Operation new chair

This ugly little chair has been a part of my life since...well all my life. Always there as an annoying itchy and scratchy chair, in an ugly colour. The colour didn't endear me then, and it never has. This unfortunate chair has many brothers and sisters that have a wedge in our lives. I once made my mum cover one of these so that I could have a nice swivel seat at my desk for when I should have done my homework. I didn't like the cover she stapled on but at least it was better.

Original chair cover

This ugly little chair is comfy, and I like it. Recently the more I looked at it the more I would think about the fabric, I would drape other fabric over it and imagine how amazing it could look but thought it was a big task to take on. Then I came across this fabric, it was on a roll in a shop corner. Hidden away, but still bold and I loved it.

Lovely fabric

I set myself the task to finish the chair all in one go, so it wouldn't fall into a life of an unfinished project. So I stayed up late and I'm so glad I did, I might feel tired but I'm so happy with the results. I guess it wouldn't have taken as long if I had a staple gun, but I enjoyed hand sewing it on. It was more exciting, but I did stab and scratch myself loads with pins.

New cover stage 1

After I had finished it I almost didn't want to go to bed. I wanted to stay up and work, blog and email photos. I didn't feel tired. I would have been wrecked today though.

Late night finish

I think this chair will soon find all of it's brothers and sisters will go through a change as well. Until there will be no more brown and scratchy fabric around.

chair and desk 1

Ignore the ugly brown carpet, I do.

chair and desk 2