Pretty duvet

Today I've been painting (I painted my shade print onto a small canvas) and listening to the first season of 'The Ricky Gervais Show' podcast. Which I missed when it was first around in 2005.
Ah but it is so funny, Karl's random comments and general ignorance is so funny.

They've turned these podcasts in to an animation which aired on HBO in February in the US, the clips that I've seen look good. I'm looking forward to it heading over to channel 4 on 23 April, but it's a massive gap in the release of the show between America and UK. Annoying.

At the moment I'm looking for a new duvet, I've had mine for ages and think it's time to get a decent one. I like that I've chosen to get a better and warmer one right after a really cold winter, not during while I was cold. Well done me.
I found some really pretty ones from Cath Kidston.

Rose Eiderdown

Bouquet Eiderdown

Rose Blue Eiderdown
{Found here}

I don't know if I want a feather one, I'm not sure about that. I get an image of all those poor ducks. I said to my sister the other day (I accidentally ended up rhyming), "A duck is dead, it's in my bed". That was my argument, as good as it was. I'll think about it a bit more.

This is from Decorative Country Living.

Vintage feather eiderdown
{Found here}