After it all

I was having blog withdrawal symptoms and decided to come and write a late night post. So today I changed my blog banner to my shade drawing, I like it a lot more than the old one. I call them shades because I based them on my shades, but really they're glasses and they look like the glasses my dad use to wear in the 90s. Also my mum...and my nan. Maybe everyone in the 90s wore them, in true Deidre Barlow style.


Another achievement for me today...I finished the last of my easter chocolate. I was planning to make the tiny scraps left last all week, but the next thing I knew they were gone and my mouth was tasty. Opps. Apparently my friend has an egg for me, hehe.
I am paying for the destruction of so much chocolate now though, my skin has gone crazy and the scales are telling me off. Even if it isn't really telling me off in a stern voice I still don't like it and feel a little shame. So I've got a mask on, facial thing not halloween thing. Although the halloween thing would be more fun and could technically work as it covers the face.

Orange bow

Over the weekend we went for a couple of walks around, in between the rain bursts. First walk I wore a bow I had knitted pinned onto my tee and then the second walk I put an orange bow I'd knitted onto my butterfly necklace.
We played a similar game to pooh sticks by the river but with leaves. My sister won and insisted that the game should be called 'The game Christina won' from now on. I said that would work because if we played it again and then I won the title would be a lie, by her reasoning I would then call it 'The game Christina lost'. Haha, she doesn't even like to think about losing anything, she won't play me at games that she thinks I might win. Just to be safe.

Red bow

I'm going to go think about my 'music wednesday' post for tomorrow now, and shamefully add that I will also watch the new episode of 90210. I got sucked in, now I need to follow it through to find out 'What will happen next?'.