I'm so excited that Topshop have now launched their make up range. They've launched it in amazing packaging, it's simple but gorgeous. Their blush packaging is all white with black polka dots, which looks as if they were hand drawn on with a kohl pencil. I like. Also it's all reasonably priced.

I've just bought some make up online (I'll get it next week), it's my birthday present to myself. I really like the present to myself, I did well.

I ordered this cream to powder blush, I think it's good for lips too. I'll give it a go.

I love almost anything related to glitter, can't wait to use this. It's a glitter crayon called 'Sun Shower'. You can use it as a liner or shadow.

First ever highlighter I've bought, I hope that this won't be too glittery but it still looks beautiful.
Topshop make up link