Over the weekend

I'm still making owl cushions and then I'll need to take a few pics of them. I'll aim to have them online by the end of this week.

I went out for lunch in soho on saturday. I'd never seen 'Vegan Routes' before (apparently there is one in Brick Lane) but there it was, a vegan restaurant in an old Routemaster. It was really exciting, we sat upstairs on the lovely warm bus. I got jealous of other peoples' food, a lot of people got a vegan sheppards pie which looked amazing. I got soup, it was really nice but not sheppards pie.

Vegan routes - soho

Inside Vegan Routes - soho

Elephant Parade - London

I saw two fibreglass elephants near Carnaby Street, one was by Lulu Guinness and then I saw this gold one with ants on it. I didn't read who it was by and now I'm a little annoyed that I didn't. It's part of the Elephant Parade in London, a public art event, that will help to raise money for Asian elephants and other conservation charities when the fibreglass elephants are later sold.

Old mat factory

Also saw this and thought it was really cool. I first thought it said 'Hat Factory' and got really excited as I started thinking about top hats and bowler hats. I later realised that it said 'Mat Factory', still pretty cool but I can't help thinking about bath mats.