Weekend in pics

I spent this weekend with my lovely mum and sister, we went to 'Groombridge Place' (where the movie Pride and Prejudice was filmed) and then to 'High Rocks' in Tunbridge wells (which are sandstone, someone had engraved a poem on one rock and it was dated around 1820).
Around Groombridge and near Tunbridge Wells is really secluded and with loads of woods, it's so gorgeous around there.

Groombridge place
Groombridge Place.
Groombridge secret garden
The secret garden in the Groombridge place gardens.
Groombridge place garden
Blossom trees in the secret garden.
Groombridge place garden2
The sign says: "This is not drinking water"
Groombridge place woods
Groombridge place woods.
Groombridge place woods2
Carved tree in the Groombridge place woods.
Groombridge place gate

A house on the edge of Groombridge place, maybe it's to stop the peacocks wandering around from going in. I like the sign because it's patrolled by a labrador, and they're so cute.
High rocks climbers

Rock climbers at 'High Rocks' in Tunbridge Wells, I like the trees growing on top of the rocks.
High rocks passage

There are lots of passage ways in between all the rocks and lots of stone staircases so that you can get to the top. The bridges were a little scary to cross.

High rocks steps
I loved all the stone staircases in between the rocks.