Love you

Inside 'Love you' bag
Ah I think I might talk about love too much, I'm starting to wonder myself if I'm turning into a stereotypical hippie. No not possible, I like my monthly wash. Yes I am joking, I'm a fan of showering.

Well here is my new bag, this is the prototype or test. A simple shopper bag. With a hidden stretch of ribbon that wraps around the bag when it's rolled up to keep it together. I'm thinking of making more of these with a different fabric but with the same print on it.

At the moment this is my favourite print, the 'Love you' print. Mainly because it's new but also because it's a pretty massive heart. I've already printed on some t-shirts (which I will add to the store soon), and will probably go crazy this weekend stamping everything with 'Love you'.

Bag in progresss
I hope that you like this bag, or maybe even 'love' it. Haha. After driving myself mental today trying to understand PHP, which can't be done, I'm going to do some much needed baking. I'll make brownies, so excited! I'm hungry already, would it be wrong to eat brownies for dinner? That's all I want, and milk.

'Love you' bag