Three things

If I had to write a list full of things I love or am in love with, it would definitely be a very long list. Now I don't always remember all the things I love but today has reminded me of a few.

After an extremely hot weekend, with basically no clouds. Today has taken a turn and there are large angry clouds casting a grey shadow everywhere. They're ready to explode, hopefully with a bit of thunder.
Oddly all of this has left me calm and happy, the fresh smell of rain is lovely.

So here are 3 loves:


1) I love the sound of heavy rain and thunder (and the smell of rain), it calms me down. (Today reminds me of singing in the rain, even though it isn't even heavy yet).


2) I love books so much, I try to read loads. Already I own a lot of books, but I've always wanted to fill a room full of my books and have a really comfy chair that I can slide into then read as much as I want.


3) A few years ago I bought a Canon AE1 SLR, and oh do I adore it. It takes gorgeous photos and makes the most amazingly strange shutter sound, which makes it even more loveable.