Music: Mystery jets


Mystery jets are one of my favourite bands, they're from the UK, I adore 'two doors down' and 'young love' (Laura Marling features in young love, I love her music). There latest album came out in July, and they are all I can listen to this week. Also based a genius playlist mix on them, I have got a little lazy recently with my playlists (I got a little dissuaded when iTunes made a much better mix than me).

I need to say that Serotonin is a seriously GOOD album, I was actually taken aback by how much I liked it.
Mystery jets have got such a refreshingly different voice and to boot great song lyrics. It was very difficult to pick my favourite track from their new album. Each time I chose one, I thought 'Oh but this one is good too' as I sang to every song. So I chose a couple, a little bit of a cop out but as one is a video and the other is a track I can get away with it.

Mystery Jets-Too Late to Talk by ellebirdie