2011 resolutions so far

I'm making a big effort with my 2011 list of things to do; giving learning the piano a good go (I have photographic proof of this), made a start on organising my photos on my computer, staying organised with my super fat diary. Of course the get healthy thing can wait.

Also another thing on my list was to draw more and I've been drawing like a crazy person this week. Yesterday I finished my new owl sketch for a new print and he is very pretty. I still need to give him a name though. I can't seem to settle on one, for a while I thought bob but he doesn't look like a bob. Ahhh it will have to wait for a little bit, for now he is an owl with no name.

I wasn't expecting to but I have fallen completly in love with him. I didn't realise as I was drawing him but I've given him an unimpressed glare. Which I love and I think is very owl like. He's also got a dapper quality about him, it's all in the eyes. So excited about getting him and all the other new prints ready for the store.