Just an owl

Here is a little peek at my new owl sketch, part of an animal series coming to the store soon. I've been tucked away drawing lots of different animals. So far this owl is my favourite, and second is a beautiful big bear.
This poor little owl is currently nameless, I was thinking that he may look like a Frank. So I'm still unsure but maybe it will suit him.

I've been listening to some amazing music recently and it helped me so much when I was drawing these little creatures. I have to listen to music when I work, especially when I'm drawing. So I usually make massive playlists, at least around 2 hours long, to listen to. In my playlist at the moment I've got a song by Claire Maguire, 'Ain't no body' (breakage remix). I really like it and I think she'll do well this year, I've added her music video to that song below. I can't help noticing that there is a smilie face drawn onto the back of her chair, it looks so happy!

I'm loving all the new artists, or at least ones I've never listened to or know about really, that I've got in my new playlist. I called the playlist 'mouse house' for no other reason but I like the way it sounds and also like imagining a house that belongs to a mouse.