Bedroom ideas

Spring is around the corner and I am planning to do a massive spring clean. I mainly want to get rid of lots of stuff. I need to declutter.

At the same time though I want to make way for other things. I'm going to re-new things, recycle. Maybe cover a chair. I've been looking up home ideas on Pinterest. Really love that site.

I'm thinking that the rose print fabric on the chair is a gorgeous idea and the branch antlers would a perfect project for my necklaces.

This weekend I made a start on getting extra storage for my overflowing clothes. I bought a wardrobe and built it, there were two parts missing so it's not actually finished yet. The wardrobe looked a bit on the small side in the store but in my room I can see how huge it really is. The best part of it is that I now don't have enough clothes for it. Oh no.