Food: French Macaroons

French macaroons French macaroons are probably one of my favourite tea time treat. I've always wanted to try to make them but just put it of because I was a bit scared to try. I thought I'd mess it up, it will look weird, taste horrible, or worse, won't cook.

I've heard that they're very difficult to make and take a long time to make as well. Now I don't know if I was just lucky or the recipe I used was a really good one, but I didn't find it that hard. That probably means I didn't do it right. Though they look and taste alright to me. They did take take a long time to make, it's more the preparing of it than cooking. It's well worth it. So yummy, even Christopher Robin looks like he wants some.

I used this recipe, I didn't add any food colouring and I used a buttercream icing filling instead because I think that's what they normally use (for the buttercream; 75g butter and 50g icing sugar). The buttercream icing actually tasted a little sickly in the end because the butter I used melts as soon as it's out the fridge so it was just a bit watery, for the other half of the macaroons I also add a couple of drops of rosewater to the buttercream icing. I thought that might save it, haven't tried it yet though.
French macaroons French macaroons French macaroons