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Recently my sister gave me a voucher for a photography lesson, it was a birthday present, and I used it up a couple of weeks ago. I did have a couple of lessons on photography at uni but it was more 'here's a camera...find out how it works' and I didn't really. Just the basics. So it was really nice to actually find out how to use shutter speeds, f stops, etc. It really clicked and made sense, now I just need to practice to make sure I'll remember it all and so I'll get better at taking photos. The last two photos are from the studio where I had the lesson and the third photo is just me practicing what I learnt. Hopefully I will never go back to auto again, if I can avoid it.

The top image is a box of shortbread I got from Marks and Spencers. I only got it because I loved the packaging, such a great illustration and I can reuse the box afterwards. It's going to be a while though as I need to get through the shortbread, I'm not a big fan of shortbread really.

One thing that I want to do more of is make myself clothes. I haven't really done that much but that's going to change soon. I bookmark so many patterns I want to use from Burdastyle but just haven't made the time to do it yet. I have started work on drawing up my own pattern from scratch, that's the second image, drew the basic bodice out by hand first and all. When it's finished I'm going to make a very pretty dress for myself.

This coming week I'm going to start screen printing my new illustration, I'm very excited about it, and start making them into cushions for my shop. Can't wait to make them up and take photos of them.

(P.s. As I was writing this blog post I was listening to the sound of the rain hitting the window, love that sound. Always makes me feel cosy when I'm all snug in a warm house.)