Spiced tea + plans

Spiced tea Something new Packing orders Packing orders

Today I've been drinking lots of spiced tea on a lovely rainy summers day (british weather, weirdly we're still classed as in a drought when it's been raining for weeks now), I do actually like rain though. It was just a bit cold, I had to have the little heater in my room on for a while. The spiced tea smells lovely, it smells and tastes just like christmas. Drinking it in one of my favourite mugs, which actually older than me, I think made it taste even nicer. Love it.

I've also been planning new things, doing test prints of my new illustration, sketching ideas out and packing up orders. I've hopefully organised myself enough today to get this new illustration in the shop soon.

Still practicing taking photos but I didn't get the settings right when I was taking the pictures. I made the mistake of thinking 'oh it looks good on the display screen...it looks good'. Then on my computer the white balance wasn't right and the images weren't exposed enough. Oh well, one day I'll get it right.