The book: 'This is not my hat'

I've been very quiet recently...or maybe for a while. This year I went back to uni and am now working towards doing my masters. Which is so exciting, and I love that I'm finally doing it. It's all really intensive, as it should be, but I'm finding it difficult to manage my time. I'm a full time student again, so I need to find a way to be able to do both uni and Charlie & the Fox. Make a plan, that's what I'll do...oh and find my diary.

Anyway this week we had to present a presentation on Storytelling and the subject area was picturebooks. I really love this book, 'This is not my hat', it's from the point of view of the little fish (aka the thief) but the illustrations contradict the storyline. I asked my lovely friend if it was ok to get her 4 year old son and her 7 year old nephew's reactions to this book, they were so cute. They gasped when the fish said he stole the hat and at the crab (I won't say what he did wrong!). I'll admit that as soon as I saw it I wanted it, and I did buy it for myself. I've noticed that Jon Klassen has written another book involving a bear and a hat!