Twenty Fourteen

Its been said so many times and by so many people, but I still can't believe how quickly time is flying by. Feel like I can't keep up with and get everything done. Saying that I'm so excited about 2014, brand new year and a new start. Time to make some more new years resolutions (or really renew some old ones, one day I'll get them all).

For a while I used to have a new years tradition where I would write myself a letter of everything I wanted to do in that year, seal it and then open it in a years time to see what I'd achieved. It's actually a really nice way of doing it, and really nice reading it a year later.

Last year I broke from this tradition and didn't write one, which has made me miss it a little now. So I think I'll start it up again. One thing I wanted to do in 2013 was read more, at least one book a month. Doesn't sound that demanding, but I found it hard to do to make time to read. Last year I counted that I had 60 brand new books that I had never even read yet, but I have a feeling that I have a bit more than that now (I have a bad habit of buying books but then not getting around to reading them).

I definitely achieved that in 2013, sometimes I read a few a month (traveling on trains comes in handy!). So pleased that I managed that, now this years book related resolution is to make my way through the books I've got. Think I might do a post each month on the book I'm currently reading from my collection, sort of a book club but for a party of one but you're welcome to read the same book with me if you like! :)

P.s. I love my new diary, such a pretty colour!