New treats

I've got a new collection of pretty new things, most of these are actually presents. My sister sent me my christmas present! She wasn't home for christmas, for the first time ever, as she was in Australia (now she's travelling! Lucky girl). She gave me a lovely smelly candle, a little leather pot thing, an owl print. My absolute favourite is the infinity bracelet she gave me, it's so delicate and pretty. It's very tiny, and when I saw it I thought 'That's not going to fit on my wrist! It's tiny and looks like a kids' bracelet'. Turns out that it does fit and I have the wrists of a small child, just as well, they'll go with my child sized feet.

The last one is a gorgeous ring I bought myself as a treat (something I'm doing a little too much of recently), from the Etsy shop 'Kiss the Future' (Gold Amethyst Ring).

I'm going to be a bit tougher with myself though as I've been buying too many treats at the moment, my friend told she'll be my spending sponsor if I'll be her sponsor (which I forgot about when I texted her a picture of my new watch yesterday! opps! I did need it for work!).