Charlie & the Fox started in 2009 in south London, we got the name from my sister’s nickname (Charlie) and my nickname (Fox). Also a little bit influenced by the cute fox family that was by us, I drew one of the cubs and that became the logo.

The little fox family was so cute, and a bit cheeky by stealing any random thing by the back door (they love gloves).

It started as a creative outlet for my love of handmade things, I wanted to make things others would love. Beginning really slowly, the online store has only been online for a while (since September 2009).

About Roxy

I’m 24 years old and graduated from uni in 2008. Charlie & the Fox is my baby, I love it so much and I have so much fun with it. I get so excited when I draw a new illustration to add to the group, a new face.

I'm my happiest when I'm drawing and painting, when I was 7 I painted my chest of drawers in watercolours. Afterwards I panicked that my mum would be mad at me, surprisingly she just laughed and said she loved it!

My grandma taught me to sew and knit while I was still in primary school, and I taught myself how to use sewing machines soon afterwards. Which terrified my mum and grandma when they found out. Haha. Yes I have sewn through my finger before, it really hurts!

I love: the sound of rain, cupcakes, sushi, Iranian food, Italian food, music playlists, singing badly, trying to speak French in Paris, getting the train and bus (not in rush hour), my cameras, coffee, baking, cooking, people watching, daydreaming, thunder, little dogs and all my little obsessions.