I don't like your face

I do not like your face
I know at first this seems a bit harsh and maybe a bit rude, but it's not mean't that way at all. I drew this for my sister because this has become our catchphrase or joke really. I have to admit that people aren't impressed when they hear us say it to each other. We almost say it all the time as a joke because the way it came about was funny.

Years ago my sister and I were visiting family, and to my sisters annoyance we had to share a bed. I'm not easiest person to share a bed with; apparently I kick, punch, etc. Nice. Anyway at the time I was reading Agatha Christie 'Murder on the Orient Express' (a great book) and one night a chapter ended with a line from Poirot, "I do not like your face". The most amazing line I've ever read and an equally amazing way to end a chapter. With that I turned to her and repeated this line, shut my book and went to sleep. She was obviously shocked and upset, but mostly confused and being a mean sister I didn't say anything more. In the morning the first thing she said to me was "You kept hitting me in the face last night", to which I replied "I told you I don't like your face". Haha. Best moment ever.

So 'I don't like your face' has become our catchphrase to that moment, but mostly it's an ode to the best line of speech we've ever read. Poirot you crack me up.

Wall Art

{Source: Etsy store 'Moxiedoll'}

At the weekend I decided that I needed to change my bedroom a bit. Of course when I get one of these ideas in my head it means I have make a start right at that moment. Cue loud music, bad singing and the screeching of furniture as I drag them unwillingly across my room. So after rearranging my room and painting some furniture I realised it still wasn't enough. It was time for a lot of the posters to come down to make way for wall art. I've made a start on one wall by putting up two of my paintings, but after falling in love with embroidered hoops for wall art I need one of these. I'm going to make my own, not sure of what yet, but I love all of these beautiful embroidered hoops from different Etsy sellers.

{Source: Etsy store 'Neawear'}

{Source: Etsy store 'Neawear'}

{Source: Etsy store 'WhatParty'}
{Source: Etsy store 'Samskiart'}
{Source: Etsy store 'ChezSucreChez'}

Just a little something

Work in progress, originally uploaded by Roxy_l.

Ah It's late now, today went by so quickly but got a bit done. Car is fixed and running lovely, not by me (it went to the garage). Did some computer stuff and working on some paintings.

Here's a little something that I've been working on. The world was a part of another sketch that I did of night time trees. It formed on its own into this when I got a bit detailed with the different typefaces. It's still a work in progress so I'm going to do a bit more to it, then probably put it on my Etsy store.

Sorry about the rubbish image, I took it on my phone. I'll make more of an effort to use my camera.

I must be sad

My trees, originally uploaded by Roxy_l.

Last week I bought a load of supplies, and I got myself loads of new pens to sketch with. Amongst all of this I bought my first Sharpie pen, I saw the adverts flash in front of my eyes. I'll admit I got swept away by the advertising running through my mind, I went ahead and got one. Only one, don't want to go too crazy.

I did feel a little bit of shame afterwards. I was charmed. It was just a marker pen, why was I so excited? I normally always love to show my sister my new goodies, but I was hesitant about the new marker. I thought she's going to mock me about this.
Ah my delight when she saw it and sat bolt upright, then exclaimed "A Sharpie! I love them!". Guilt gone, happiness back.

Now I don't normally sketch with markers, yesterday I made an exception. I looked down at the lovely pen; "What twin tip! You're a marker and a fineliner! You are my new love, I will carry you everywhere!". Do I want more? Yes.

Girl idea
[These are some sketches I did yesterday, and ideas I'm working on.]