Christmas decorations

Bobble branches

This week I've slowly been decorating around myself, trying to make everywhere feel more festive and exciting. For the first time I've made loads of paper decorations, I haven't made paper snowflakes since I was at school.

Out of all the decorations my favourite are the flower pom poms. I followed a DIY and it said they're supposed to look very similar to Dahlias, but I think mine look more like water lilies. I'm not bothered that they didn't turn out the same as the DIY, I really like them. For my first flower I used tissue paper just like the instructions said as I wanted to see how it would turn out. For the rest though I used newspaper, I thought newspaper would work well as it's not too thick and I wanted to use up some I had lying around waiting to be recycled. I think they turned out well.
I found the DIYs online from Martha Stewart, and there are a lot more christmas themed crafts on their site:
* Tissue paper pom poms
* Paper snowflakes (glitter garland)
* Make your own snowglobe (I really wanted to make one but didn't have all the stuff to make it)
White paper flower pom pom

Newspaper flower pom pom

Paper snowflake

Paper chains

Frilly knickers are the future

Gorgeous frilly knickers...who doesn't want a few of these. I definitely do want some and have some, but I want more. For a while I've wanted to make my own, but haven't found any help on how to go about it. Lucky me though, I came across this video from Threadbanger by Clare Bare.

To make the pattern just take apart one frilly knicker, I know it's not nice to part with any pretty ones. Go for the worst, I did. Trace around them for your template. I have yet to make some frilly knickers but I will definitely give it a go. So here is the video:

DIY: expresso pin cushion

Pin cushion pic 5

This is my first ever DIY project, I'm really excited because I really like it and I've got myself a new pin cushion. I made a pink pin cushion from an unused expresso cup.

Pin cushion pic 1

So I found this unused expresso cup and decided to turn it into a pin cushion, as I really like the print on it and the style of the cup.

You'll need:
Embroidery thread
Toy stuffing
Sewing needle
Expresso cup

Pin cushion pic 2

I used pink felt and turned the cup upside down onto it to draw a circle around it with chalk. I measured the circle by folding it up to the cup to check that the circle edge slightly overlaps the bottom of the cup.

Pin cushion pic 3

After cutting out the circle, decorate it in anyway that you'd like. I decorated it with embroidery and added a small red felt circle on top, in a little cupcake inspired way.

Pin cushion pic 4

Then use toy stuffing to bulk it out, start gathering up the bottom and sew it together. Leave a little gap so you can add a bit more stuffing if you need to, so it's really bulked up. To get that cupcake like rounded mound. Once you're happy, completely sew it up. Then squeeze it into the cup, and you've got a new pin cushion.

Pin cushion pic 6

I was inspired by : Design sponge DIY, and by this Lauren Ceramics pin cushion on Folksy.