Backyard market (4th + 5th June)

Backyard market

This post has been a long time coming, as the market was on the 4th and 5th of June. I did take a few photos of both days but they really didn't turn out like I wanted them to. I rushed to take them, as I was still in a panic over everything, and I didn't take very good ones. I'm so glad a that a few came out alright.

Both the days went well and it was a lot of fun, not sure my feet agreed though. The first day was really sunny and the second was heavy rain, but we were inside. I loved meeting other stall holders and they were so lovely, and meeting lots of people from all over the world (it made me wish I could speak loads of different languages and go visit different countries). Here are just a couple of pictures of our table and I also might do Backyard Market again in a few weeks.

Backyard market
Backyard market

Easter Crafty Fox Market pics

Charlie & the Fox table

Last saturday (the 16th April) I had my own little stall for my Charlie & the Fox goodies at the Crafty Fox Market (The Dogstar, Brixton). It was so much fun and loved it so much. Again like last time the stall holders and everyone were lovely. This time there were three floors to wander, I only got a quick look round the bottom floor. I'm actually really annoyed at myself that I didn't quickly run upstairs but this morning I've been reading a few blogs that have posted pics of all the floors. So I feel a little better about it.

Since the market I've been working loads on the website, which has been driving me a little crazy but I'm mostly excited. I plan on adding the new things, like tees and make up bags, to the store soon but after I've done a little work on the site. I've listed the make-up bags onto my Etsy store, so you could have a look there if you like.

Today is starting to look like an amazing day, so sunny and warm. Actually in my excitement I wore shorts today, bare legged. It feels a little wrong, either because I'm inside behind a computer or because it's April. Either way today is the start of a long weekend thanks to the bank holidays, then after that is the Royal Wedding. Yes I have to admit that I was indifferent to the wedding to start with but the hype/memorabilia has caught up with me and now I'm excited. Even tempted to get a wedding mug! I can already imagine the look of disappointment on my sister's face. Haha.

Charlie & the Fox table
Dogstar upstairs

Crafty Fox Market - April

I'm really excited that Charlie & the Fox will be at the upcoming Crafty Fox Market (April 16th) at The Dogstar in Brixton south London.

We were at the first/last one in December and I loved it so much. It was just an unbelievable amount of fun; lovely people, great music and in a pretty pub. I was literally dancing at my table all day, not sure if that's a good thing or not. It actually could have been a bit terrifying to watch.

We're going to have a new set of products for the market, so our table will look a bit different to last year. New prints, new style washbags and t-shirts.

Crafty Fox Market