Favourite illustration prints

I love Etsy, I keep finding new amazing artists on there and I simply fall in love with their work. I love love Juliapott and SarahMcNeil illustration prints so much.
I've bought some of their prints as presents but not any for myself yet. Maybe after christmas I'll treat myself.
Here are a few lovelies, hope you love them as much as I do.

Ivy & Gold

All day I've been listening to the new Bombay Bicycle Club album (Flaws), I loved their last album and it took me a little while to finally listen to their latest one. Maybe I was a little apprehensive, I wasn't sure if the next would be as good but I love it. Actually been listening to it on loop, not sick of it yet. That will take me a while.

I love the track 'Ivy & Gold', which I recognised when I heard it come on so I must have heard it previously on the radio. It has become my track of the day, today is 'Ivy & Gold'. I think it must have influenced me a little when I was picking out some lovely things for an Etsy treasury list I put together.

You can check out the treasury list I made, and I've added the 'Ivy & Gold' track below. Enjoy, happy friday!
Ivy & Gold - Bombay Bicycle Club by MusicManners

Yoyo ceramics - Is that plastic?

...actually it's not!

The first time I set eyes on this range from Yoyo ceramics I instantly fell in love, especially with the mint green version. What's not to love? The gorgeous colours, retro style and they look like plastic containers.

They're so adorable and such a clever idea.

I'll have to add this to a growing list of things I want, a mint green butter dish. I probably wouldn't use it for butter though, I have lots of little things that need to be tidied away. Could even stash my jewellery in it.

Shop: Yoyo ceramics
Flickr: helen.yoyo

The Nothing Notebook

Nothing collective open notebook2

Notebooks, one of my most favourite things. I never leave home without one, if I have an idea and I don't write it down it will be gone and forgotten. That is why I was so excited when I got this from The Nothing Collective, because it is lovely and also because I have a little notebook obsession.

At the moment it is full of nothing, but not for long. Here is to nonsensical notes and endless lists.

Nothing collective open notebook
Nothing Collective notebook front
Nothing Collective notebook
Nothing Collective business card