Floral clasp purse

Floral clasp purse test

Last week I made this clasp purse, I made up a pattern as a test and also to use this gorgeous print fabric. So now I have new purse for myself, which I really needed. When I made the pattern I wanted to make sure it was tall enough to fit cards inside upright, my cards fit inside nicely.

In a way this is a sneak peek at one of the new products to come to my store, it will be pretty.

Floral clasp purse test Floral clasp purse test Floral clasp purse test

I don't like your face

I do not like your face
I know at first this seems a bit harsh and maybe a bit rude, but it's not mean't that way at all. I drew this for my sister because this has become our catchphrase or joke really. I have to admit that people aren't impressed when they hear us say it to each other. We almost say it all the time as a joke because the way it came about was funny.

Years ago my sister and I were visiting family, and to my sisters annoyance we had to share a bed. I'm not easiest person to share a bed with; apparently I kick, punch, etc. Nice. Anyway at the time I was reading Agatha Christie 'Murder on the Orient Express' (a great book) and one night a chapter ended with a line from Poirot, "I do not like your face". The most amazing line I've ever read and an equally amazing way to end a chapter. With that I turned to her and repeated this line, shut my book and went to sleep. She was obviously shocked and upset, but mostly confused and being a mean sister I didn't say anything more. In the morning the first thing she said to me was "You kept hitting me in the face last night", to which I replied "I told you I don't like your face". Haha. Best moment ever.

So 'I don't like your face' has become our catchphrase to that moment, but mostly it's an ode to the best line of speech we've ever read. Poirot you crack me up.

Peter pan collar

Peter pan collars are my favourite collar. I like the way they look so cute, and I'm probably a little obsessed with them. Which is a bit weird, especially since they're just a collar! Until now I'd never made one before, maybe that helped to increase my fascination with it even more.

So I was excited to see a pattern for it in last months Burda magazine. It's actually really simple and quick to make. I made two. A scalloped collar for my jumper and an ordinary peter pan collar on a ribbon. You can obviously tell I took that photo of myself wearing the collar on a ribbon. I don't usually like having my photo taken as I forget how a normal face looks like. I forget how to smile, I end up looking disgusted, and I pull weird facial expressions. Haha. So ignore my face.

Anatomy of a house warming gift

 Just over a week ago I helped my sister to move house, strangely I don't really mind moving. That would be down to my impressive box packing skills. So I didn't mind offering to help, not realising that she might be a bit highly strung on moving day. Haha.

I made her some gifts. A framed screenprint of my bear and two moustache mugs. Drawing on the mugs were fun and it was the first time I got a chance to really try out my ceramic pens. It went ok. The handle bar moustache did end up looking more like a tooth. The other moustache mug looks like eyes if you stack inside the tooth one. You end up with 'Spiderface'! Each time I think of 'Spiderface' I sing it in my head to the spiderman tune.
Doesn't matter though, she liked them anyway. I'll be on the lookout for ceramic paint now, it would be so much easier to paint it on with a brush.

Moustache mug
Moustache mug