Bedroom ideas

Spring is around the corner and I am planning to do a massive spring clean. I mainly want to get rid of lots of stuff. I need to declutter.

At the same time though I want to make way for other things. I'm going to re-new things, recycle. Maybe cover a chair. I've been looking up home ideas on Pinterest. Really love that site.

I'm thinking that the rose print fabric on the chair is a gorgeous idea and the branch antlers would a perfect project for my necklaces.

This weekend I made a start on getting extra storage for my overflowing clothes. I bought a wardrobe and built it, there were two parts missing so it's not actually finished yet. The wardrobe looked a bit on the small side in the store but in my room I can see how huge it really is. The best part of it is that I now don't have enough clothes for it. Oh no.

Home stuff

via on Pinterest

One of my favourite things is looking up pretty home interiors online (or in a magazine). So many to fall in love with, lust over and feel jealous about. Silly enough though, and not so good, I could spend all day just rummaging online. It's easily done and I need to be a bit strict with myself to not spend too much time looking, but luckily afterwards I feel inspired as well as being left with a mental list of things to make/do. 

A few of my favs:

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Midnight bunting

Just a quick bit of bunting making last night. I've loved bunting for a long time and for a while have been imagining how it would look in my room.

So finding two small rectangles of fabric that I had printed on years ago with a heat press seemed like a good way to make a start. The fabric I found didn't look big enough for anything else really (and also a bit dark to take in as a solid print) but these little rectangles looked just big enough to squeeze a few triangles into them.

It was really fun to make and quick, and I felt so happy that my little prints finally had a purpose and would be put to good use instead of being stuffed in an old box with other fabric scraps. I made my first bunting to go above my bed.

Afterwards I found this how-to but it's easy enough without one.

Wall Art

{Source: Etsy store 'Moxiedoll'}

At the weekend I decided that I needed to change my bedroom a bit. Of course when I get one of these ideas in my head it means I have make a start right at that moment. Cue loud music, bad singing and the screeching of furniture as I drag them unwillingly across my room. So after rearranging my room and painting some furniture I realised it still wasn't enough. It was time for a lot of the posters to come down to make way for wall art. I've made a start on one wall by putting up two of my paintings, but after falling in love with embroidered hoops for wall art I need one of these. I'm going to make my own, not sure of what yet, but I love all of these beautiful embroidered hoops from different Etsy sellers.

{Source: Etsy store 'Neawear'}

{Source: Etsy store 'Neawear'}

{Source: Etsy store 'WhatParty'}
{Source: Etsy store 'Samskiart'}
{Source: Etsy store 'ChezSucreChez'}