Sometimes a good quote or proverb can help you remember why you love what you love. So I really like it when I come across one that motivates you to try to do what you love. Here are some I like:

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Fall for: calm

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Some pretty pics from Pinterest, I love this site so much. I only just came across it a month ago and can't believe I hadn't found it earlier. Apparently my sister was already on it, but I've been spending a lot of time going through loads of images and pinning ones I love to my page.
Right now I'm having a very cosy evening by warming myself up with hot chocolate, watching a live stargazing programme on tv (they're talking about the partial solar eclipse this week) and rummaging on Pinterest. Ahhh, now to paint my nails.

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via on Pinterest - love these moustache cupcakes, making me hungry.

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Christmas is coming

When it comes to christmas I can be a little bit of a scrooge. I hate it when lights start going up in August, it's too early. This quickly changes when December comes around. I start getting excited that we're in the christmas month and that I've started getting presents together. Today feels like it's almost here, probably a lot to do with being warm inside while it's been snowing all day outside.

I added a tree backgroud that I drew especially, there it will be for the whole of December. Actually need to get a tree, we always get a real one but it might be the year to get a fake one. I really want a pink tree! Or a red one, I love the red trees outside the Chanel shop in the image below.

Happy Thanksgiving America

This isn't really a thanksgiving themed post but I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. I have family in America and currently they've all grouped together in Colorado to combine skiing in freshly settled snow and stuffing their faces. Me jealous? Of course not! Hmmm.

I came across Kris Atomic a few days ago and her lovely illustrations. Described as a result of fashion meeting illustration. Yesterday her shop opened up, selling prints and paintings. I got very excited by her fox print jumper painting, I would actually love a jumper like that. Such a cute little fox on the front and a gorgeous colourful knit pattern.

Based in Brighton, she's also a photographer and posts photos on her blog of out and about around Brighton. I also love her blog.