Music: Mystery jets


Mystery jets are one of my favourite bands, they're from the UK, I adore 'two doors down' and 'young love' (Laura Marling features in young love, I love her music). There latest album came out in July, and they are all I can listen to this week. Also based a genius playlist mix on them, I have got a little lazy recently with my playlists (I got a little dissuaded when iTunes made a much better mix than me).

I need to say that Serotonin is a seriously GOOD album, I was actually taken aback by how much I liked it.
Mystery jets have got such a refreshingly different voice and to boot great song lyrics. It was very difficult to pick my favourite track from their new album. Each time I chose one, I thought 'Oh but this one is good too' as I sang to every song. So I chose a couple, a little bit of a cop out but as one is a video and the other is a track I can get away with it.

Mystery Jets-Too Late to Talk by ellebirdie

Guest post: Nice Guys make me laugh

We are Scientists  

I can just see it now. The advert for the new video Nice Guys by We Are Scientists. And I think it’d go something like this.

Ever wondered about what those We Are Scientists guys were singing when they were em,.. singing. Well wonder no more. With their new video Nice Guys and working with some nifty video editing software all your unasked lyric questions will be answered, kind of.

In this lifetime limited time offer you get all the hilariousness of seeing We Are Scientist's (WAS) new video Nice Guys for no money what so ever. And how can they add to this amazing empty offer??? They’re giving you the lyrics, absolutely free. That’s right, absolutely free.

So don’t delay. Watch the video today. Do what I say and you too can be the proud viewer of not 2 but 1 WAS member.

Hey, hey! I think I'm pretty good. The new video is indeed hilarious, it does only feature Keith from the band (Chris works the camera) and it does have lyrics. But what’s exceptionally funny about this video is what it parodies; those videos featured on youtube, where users take a perfectly normal music video and then add what they assume are the lyrics with comic consequences.

So instead of letting someone else have all the fun, those crazy creative and oh so dashing lads, using their phonetic prowess, have gone and done it for themselves. Sure why not. It takes mishearing a word to a whole new level and I dare you not to start singing the video lyrics instead of the real lyrics. I know I do. And keep an eye out for who I'm guessing is Chris Cain's son about half way through, showing Keith up with his mad skills.

Let me know what you think of the video.

Louise xx

They call it Glastonbury

Delphic how I love thee. You blew us all away, never have I seen so many people dancing constantly and happy about it at the same time. It happens, if you're trapped on a dance dance or try to dance your way off it. I dragged skeptical people to see you, afterwards they pronounced it was amazing and that I was right. I will be buying your album.


The, not so secret, secret gig from Radiohead. OMG was Karma Police incredible, I did video a short clip of it for memorries but I accidently deleted it trying to free up space on my memory card. Gutted, but at least I found the above video on YouTube.
Also, you can't see it, but the front white flag had a drawing of Karl Pilkington's cartoon face on it. Someone was flying the great Pilkington flag.

Man taking photos - Radiohead

Have you seen this man...he took photos of the crowd at the Radiohead set. It was distracting, for apparently only me. I watched him scale the building, then walk accross it and then take photos. So I took photos of him...taking photos of me.
This man's stance here reminds me of some fake yeti pictures I've seen around, the way he's walking forwards with his arm out.

Muse set

Were Muse good? Yes, Epic! Were the loos good? No, anyone for the loo? Then hold it in. It is not worth the wait.
I took the loo queue pics really quickly. One because I didn't want to miss Muse. Two because I felt a bit wrong doing it, it's not normal to take photos of toilets especially when there are so many people there to stare at you.

Do you need the loo?
Anyone for the toilet?

It almost looks as if the portaloos carry on into the sunset, now that's a romantic fantasy we can all enjoy.

How do I get to Shangri la?

On our way to Shangri-la we came across this area. I don't remember what area it was, could have been The Common but it was wondrous. It was one of the most elaborate, weird and niche things I've ever seen. I loved it, I was literally walking around in amazement. Possibly with my mouth open, no drool.

Is this the way to Shangri la?
Florence + the machine
Florence + the Machine.
Plan B
Plan B - for the Radio 1 live lounge.
Marina & the diamonds
Marina + the Diamonds.

Guest post: FREE OKGo video feat Orange Bill


As Roxy's big push for global domination steps up a notch, she's asked me if I would join forces with her and add to her super blog, some music/videos/interesting and funny titbits that I might find on the web. Thanks Roxy for the opportunity. xx

So here goes. . .

Free stuff always appeals to me, whether it be free food (yum), free money (yes please) or free holidays (still waiting on this one). Yet when it comes to free music and/or free music videos to boot, I'm all over it. Cue a great giveaway. The genius that is OK Go have decided to give away their new video for 'End Love' for free. That's right, FREE!! And all you have to do is head to their website and get it straight from the lads themselves. And to sweeten this already molasses injected deal, if you upload the video on your FB page and get copious amounts of comments, you could score yourself some more goodies from them. There's nothing wrong with wanting more, right??

As for the video itself, well it's another creative masterpiece that will leave you amazed. A stop motion video shot over what looks like 2 days and edits timelessly and beautifully into 4.29minutes. Keep an eye out for Orange Bill, aka The Goose, that is either playing the roll of 5th member/groupie or is indeed their new bodyguard. None the less Orange Bill's appearance is hilarious and a highlight for me. Let me know what you think of it and the track itself.

Louise xx