Three things

Blog feature: three things I love

My many many books. I've got a lot but I still keep buying more. There's so many that I still need to read, but just haven't yet. The next book I read, I think, needs to be 'A Clockwork Orange'. Well I'll read it after I finish 'Frankenstein'...and 'Shades of Grey' (apparently it is set in a world where spoons are illegal!).

Blog feature: three things I love

This vintage eyeliner, which use to be my grandma's. I don't think it has ever been used but I think I remember my mum telling me they use to put ground up charcoal inside it. I think.

Blog feature: three things I love

Love my new headphones, they're pretty and sound amazing.

Also from now onwards, including these images, I have moved off 'auto' on my camera. A momentous occasion where I actually start learning what the settings on my camera do and how to use them. So any poor images by me are now completely my fault. Can't go blaming my camera for it.

Three things...

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

1) Old movies...especially 'The Sting' not to be confused with 'Sting' (the reason why people sing my name to me). Once I learn to play the piano I'll play the beginning piano intro, and then I'll learn to play 'Murder she wrote'.

2) This plate, so pretty. I went to an Anthropologie shop for the first time this week and it was a beautiful place. There was an indoor waterfall! I saw this plate there and they had bowls too.

3) I think that salt and pepper shakers can be a bit ugly but I would definitely be happy with this one sitting on my table.